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Book Safe and affordable Business Storage Space in Delhi NCR!

Amidst a constant shift in India’s startup landscape, the need for business storage space in Delhi NCR becomes evident. As metro towns transform into startup hubs, including Delhi NCR, the demand for such storage solutions is on the rise.

For instance, if someone is running a home-based business on a small scale, they need a proper inventory management service to fulfill the customer demand. That’s where reliable self-storage services for business come in at your rescue.

Business Storage Space in Delhi NCR

Why Should You Get Business Storage Units to Manage Inventory?

Firstly, you can keep your business valuable safe. Secondly, you can store your inventory in bulk and it will make your life easier. Thirdly, if your business is growing or thriving, chances are high that you might need storage space to store your business inventory. Most importantly, if you are an e-commerce business, you can’t underestimate the advantage of the business storage units.

From securing your items to allowing for bulk purchases, from seasonal items storage to year-round accessible business storage, there are dozens of benefits of business storage services in Delhi NCR.

What About the Standard Business Storage Unit Size?

Whatever your business storage need is, Xtended Space has a solution as we provide a diverse storage unit size. Scroll on!

Small Business Storage Units

You can consider a 5×5 storage unit which is almost half of a closet. One can store boxes, small furniture, and stationery items in a 5×5 business storage unit. Another one is a 5×10 storage unit which can hold 1 office cabin furniture and its items easily. In between, 5×15, and 7.5×10 storage units are also good options.

Medium Business Storage Units

A 10×10 storage space for business comes under the medium business storage unit category. You can understand how big it is by comparing it with a small bedroom. It’s almost

one one-bedroom apartment and a 10×10 storage space is one of the most commonly booked storage for rent. Moreover, if your office is big like 3-4 rooms, you can go with a 10×15 storage unit size.

Large Business Storage Units

From 10×25 to 10×30, from 15 x 20 to 12.5×35, all these come under the bracket of the large business storage units. If you need more help in deciding which business storage unit size is apt to ease your business storage requirement, get in touch with Xtended Space today!

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Industries That Requires Business Storage Solutions in India

Retail Shops

Running a retail haven in Delhi NCR? Maximize space, sales, and sanity. Embrace the power of a dedicated business storage unit. 73% of thriving shops in Gurgaon & Delhi credit extra space for seamless operations. From surplus stock to seasonal displays, smart storage fuels 35% faster sales growth. Don’t just store, soar! Let your store breathe and expand amidst the retail buzz. Transform chaos into charm today.

Storage Units in Delhi NCR

Restaurant Owners

Metro Restaurant Owners, Optimize Success with Smart Storage Solutions! Streamline supplies and space efficiently. Unleash the power of tailored self-storage. Enhance operational flow, cut clutter, and boost freshness. Witness a seamless shift – from chaotic to pristine. Elevate service standards, and embrace top-notch organization. Elevate your culinary venture today!

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Unleash efficiency with Xtended Space! Manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, and supply chain managers in Delhi NCR, optimize your inventory game. Secure, accessible storage fuels seamless operations. Eliminate clutter, streamline supply chains, and boost order fulfillment. Our tailored storage solutions at Xtended Space revolutionize inventory management. Say goodbye to the chaos, and welcome efficiency. Elevate your business with smart storage today!

Wrapping Up

People running small businesses or large-scale businesses most often consider the warehousing services in Delhi NCR. However, if you have budget constraints and require

storage space for the short term, that’s where the self-storage space domain is considered advantageous over the warehousing domain.

Check out Xtended Space and its storage space services and take your pick today!

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