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How Does Storage Unit Insurance Work for Household & Business Storage?

Do you know that your belongings aren’t safe in a storage unit if you haven’t opted for storage rental insurance? To your surprise, the majority of people don’t pay attention to storage unit insurance policies while booking storage space services. But if you live in metro towns like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore, you should think about renting insurance-inclusive storage units.

So you might need to book storage rentals for household or business storage. But have you raised your eyebrows to get to know about storage unit insurance? In addition, have you ever paid attention to what storage insurance covers for your stuff? If the answer is no, then you have landed yourself at the right place, at the right time.

In this article, you will learn multiple things. For instance, how does rental insurance apply to storage units? In addition, you will also learn what are the things you can’t store in a storage space facility. So are you ready to dive deeper into it?

First comes first…

What is Storage Unit Insurance?

As the name suggests, storage unit insurance is a special type of insurance policy designed to cover belongings you would want to store in your absence. Under this policy, your personal possessions or business inventory belongings are always protected from problems like vandalism, theft, and extreme weather conditions. However, to your surprise, not all storage rental companies provide insurance services for storage requirements. But if you book your storage facility through Xtended Space, you are covered with an insurance protection plan and even short-term storage rental solutions. What else do you want more?

Storage Unit Insurance

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Things to Look for When Booking Storage Unit Insurance for Household or Business Stuff

While selecting an insurance-inclusive storage unit, you must know about the below-mentioned points:

● Whether the storage facility covers short-term or long-term insurance?

● What are the restrictions to store things in the storage unit?

● Does the storage rental facility provide any security features like CCTV or similar?

● Can I access my storage for rent space and if yes then at what time frame?

What You Can’t Store in a Storage Unit?

  • Combustible or flammable substances
  • Ammunition and explosive
  • Hazardous substances like chemicals
  • Food and perishable goods

Storage Unit

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Wrapping Up

Now you know the benefits of renting storage units in Delhi NCR with an insurance policy. All you need to do is find a reliable storage space platform like Xtended Space. Unknown to many people, storing belongings in a storage unit is an idea. However, you should be well aware of the insurance policy for storage rental and what coverage it offers. At the same time, rental insurance gives you modest coverage for your stored items in a storage facility. As a result, you get an additional layer of security in case of any mishappening.

Lastly, if you need packing and moving services assistance at the last minute, Xtended Space can align you with trusted packers and movers near you!

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