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Xtended Space: Airbnb of Storage Space in India

Did you know the storage space market in India is on the surge as people in metro towns are grappling with ‘too much household stuff?’

A more surprising fact is; according to the stats, it is expected to be 7.5% Growth in Self Storage Market by 2023-2028:

First time in India, Xtended Space introduced the P2P storage platform where renters meet hosts in need of storage. The storage platform isn’t trying to capitalize on vacant spaces, it’s also trying to reduce carbon emissions in the booming self-storage industry. We are a Noida-based company that many found synonymous with Airbnb of storage items. We work with residential and commercial property owners to convert unused or extra space into affordable storage options.

What is Xtended Space? 

Xtended Space is a P2P storage platform where renters in need of storage meet hosts (people with extra storage). You can find any type of storage to store your stuff. Xtended Space is like a Craigslist service where you can list an extra space and openly communicate with people in need of a commercial or household storage facility. On our website, we have incorporated filters that allow you to search better and in a more refined way! And the icing on the cake? It’s FREE of cost! 

How Storage Rental Works 

Renters easily find affordable storage space in the Delhi NCR region. In addition, renters also get to negotiate the price straight from the hosts. Plus, renters don’t have to pay any brokerage to meet extra space hosts on our platform. 

Find storage rental near you in Delhi NCR today! 

How Host Works

Hosts (people with extra space) list their extra space FREE of cost and get contracted directly by potential renters. At the same time, renters can do 100% screening of the storage items. You set the rules including the visiting hours. 

List your extra space today and start earning passive income.

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Xtended Space: The Future of Storage Facility in India 

It might not seem like it, but the majority of the Indians living in the metro towns have a lot of things to store! At the current moment, 2 in 10 Indian households are renting storage units. Hence, to meet that demand, Xtended Space is aiming to create more storage facility facilities than the food outlets near you! To your surprise, warehouses are great options but in most cases, warehouse facilities are expensive compared to self-storage facilities.  

On top of that, warehousing is for industrial purposes. As a household items storage renter, you need to venture a few kilometers away to access your belongings. But when you rent a storage facility from Xtended Space, a nearby storage unit within 2 km (approx.) is at your disposal. What do you want extra? 

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Why Xtended Space Made a Peer-to-Peer Storage Rental Platform? 

Checkout the Xtended Space storage rental features: 

  • Space Utilization+Safety 
  • Monetary Benefits 
  • In-platform payment option 
  • Nearby storage options
  • Short-term storage 

Wrapping Up 

That’s it! We hope you got the idea of why Xtended Space is the Airbnb of storage in India. If you have some further questions as a host or renter, we are here to help you! Feel free to get in touch with us as a customer support team as they are responsive and faster than the speed of light. So what are you waiting for? You are just one call away from the storage facility rental. 

Akshay Negi

Akshay Negi

An Xtended Space fanboy! Akshay Negi is a copywriter, growth hacker, and marketing strategist at Xtended Space. He became a modern-day storyteller the way other people become monks and nuns.

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